Metalgráfica Renner offers solutions in products and metal packaging services. We cover the most varied industry segments, such as: paints, solvents, adhesives and chemical products in general. The company also stands out in the food segment, supplying packages for products like conserves, oils, greases and chocolate products.

We have over 200 active clients. Within our client list are remarkable companies of the Brazilian industrial scene: FCC, Artecola, Killing, Renner Sayerlack S/A, PPG, Nestlé, Azko Nobel, Anjo Química, Farben, Renner Coatings, among many other companies.

More than manufacturing containers, Metalgráfica Renner works for establishing and maintaining solid relations, aiming always at the best result by assuring the quality of its products and the satisfaction of its clients.

That is why Metalgráfica Renner is prepared to attend the needs of the Brazilian market.


Metalgráfica Renner, company part of the Renner Herrmann S.A. group, enters the 21st century with more than 90 years of history. Since the beginning we have worked to produce resistant and innovative metal cans. Today, we have conquered clients in many segments, from the food to the chemical industries.

Metalgráfica Renner's factory was inaugurated in 2004, at km17 of RS-118, in Gravataí, metropolitan area of Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do Sul). It consists of a constructed area of 15 thousand m² built on a lot of 110 thousand m². This is one of the most modern industrial plants in this sector in Brazil.

The privileged location of our current address permits the efficient distribution of our products to all Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná, Uruguay, Argentina and other regions. It is the agility that our clients need and deserve.

Tradition, dedication to our clients, agility, technology, competence and team acknowledgement are our everyday goals. It is not by chance that our efforts have been nationally recognized. Metalgráfica Renner has had a tradition of receiving awards from the sector’s most relevant institutions and publications, which is the result of the uniqueness of its products. 

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Renner Management System

Metalgráfica Renner makes use of the Lean philosophy as its basis for strategic planning and process management. The Lean system allows for an organization to channel its efforts to generate value for the client and continuously improve their processes – key to increasing this value.

Constant improvement in value streams, people development, innovation, and the capacity to solve problems systematically contributes to producing high-quality packaging and satisfying clients’ needs.

Four tools stand out in the search for added value, safety, and continuous improvement:

Value Stream Mapping – VSM: Used to understand the details behind the value streams of the administrative and productive processes, projecting a future state with higher performance levels.

Anomaly Detection: Methodology to investigate causes and systematically analyze problems.

Kamishibai Board: Allows for top management to be regularly present in the factory. Moreover, it allows collaborators to be involved in the continuous improvement of the processes, adequate use of the methodologies, and compliance with routines.

Behavioral Safety Program: Working safely is one of Renner’s guidelines. This is why the Behavioral Safety Program was launched; its main objective is to strengthen a culture of safety in order to prevent accidents. The program is implemented by observing risks and behavior, and through dialogue, recognition of safe attitudes, and correction of unsafe attitudes, employees are encouraged to follow the safest work practices.

Quality Management System

Metalgráfica Renner’s Quality Management System is certified by ISO 9001.

The quality policy is aligned with the company’s strategy, serving as a basis for establishing objectives and actions.

Metalgráfica Renner’s Quality Policy:

“Metalgráfica Renner seeks the satisfaction of clientes, shareholders and employees through operational excellence, quality of products and services, their collaborators’ development, and the management system’s continuous improvement, respecting the community, environment, and requirements applicable to the business.”


Bureau Veritas, known worldwide in conformity and certification assessment services, issued ISO 9001:2015 certification maintenance to Metalgráfica Renner, attesting to the company’s production process.

Thus, Metalgráfica Renner’s quality management system is officially certified.

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Ethical code

Consult the Renner Herrmann's ethical code below.

Our code regulates the Corporate's conduct of behavior between employees, clients, suppliers, external stakeholders and the market in general.

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